Shakti Bliss ~ DJ, Entertainer & Muse

Lightning in a Bottle DJ Contest 2010


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Shakti Bliss was selected as the “Runner-Up” and “Honorable Mention” in 2010 for the Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival DJ Contest in Southern California.


While still at the early stages of her DJ career, coming in the top four picks out of nearly a hundred contestants was a big win for Shakti Bliss.

The contest rules required DJ’s to create a mix tape using ONLY artists from the 2010 LIB line up. Shakti took the liberty to create a funny promotional intro pitch and chose to mash up songs that fit her unique and quirky lounge style, which obviously pleased the judges.

This fantastic press exposure through one of Southern California’s largest and most popular electronic music and arts festivals caught the eye of the creative director of Lucent Dossier. After hearing her unique mix, Dream Rockwell contacted Shakti and offered her a gig to collaborate with the circus company in Los Angeles.

It was this collaboration that turned Shakti’s eye to the entertainment scene in Southern California and sparked her move to Los Angeles later that year.

Listen to the award winning “Bliss in a Bottle” DJ Mix by Shakti Bliss here:


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