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Shakti Bliss Highlighted as a Featured Artist on the Podcast


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Shakti Bliss is featured on the infamous Podcast in Europe!


“Shakti Bliss, Los Angeles, USA electro swing, dance, sexy vaudevillian whomp. Once again, an American artist is on ! Shakti Bliss is a Dakini, DJ and Performance Artist twisting luscious gypsy lounge with bassy beats often described as sexy vaudevillian whomp. She plays with the Electro Swing tracks we know well adding her own samples. In fact she does it in a new way and that’s what we like here! Time to dance.”

by Incontrol on the Podcast ~ April 29th, 2011.


incontrolIncontrol is a French Electro Swing pioneer – DJ, producer, blogger. He’s the man behind, an oracle or knowledge for the increasing number of Electro Swing fans globally.

“Hi Shakti Bliss, Your mix is really good, I listen for two weeks without me tired. A big thank you. You master your subject, it makes fun of the first to the last second. Of the 39 mixes available, you are well within the top 5!” ~ Beberdream, 14 May 2011.

(Edit: Unfortunately the mix link is no longer active, but you can listen to my other Soundcloud mixes at

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